Medical / Dental History Form

Patients visiting our dental practice for the first time or who need to update their medical history can quickly and easily fill out our online form, giving us access to your most recent medical and dental information available.

Having complete medical records is important for your safety and the success of your treatment. It allows us to make informed decisions about the appropriate dental procedures to improve your oral health and minimizes the risk of injury or allergic reactions.

All your medical records are treated with the strictest confidence and will not be revealed to a third party.

To fill out our online form, Click Here.

If you have any queries, contact our friendly staff by phone or email.

Digital Photography Consent Form

Digital dental photography helps patients observe changes in their oral health and appearance, and it helps our dentist to assess treatment progress and refine procedures to achieve the best results possible.

At Lightsview Dental, we take digital photographs before, during and after treatment to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. However, photographs are also often used as marketing materials and for research purposes. As such, we believe that it is the patient’s right to choose whether or not to have their mouth photographed.

We offer a simple online form that explains the reasons for and uses of the photographs. You have the option to withdraw your consent at any time.

To view our Digital Photography Consent Form, Click Here.

For more information on how we take digital dental photographs and how we use them, contact our helpful staff.

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Composite veneers are made from tooth coloured composite resin material and used to improve the appearance of damaged or stained teeth with improper alignment or unattractive gaps. They are created by our dentist in our Sydney clinic and can be completed in just one appointment. The composite material is bonded directly to the surface of the tooth then handcrafted and shaped, before being polished. They provide a cost-effective restoration but may not be as natural-looking or as long-lasting as porcelain veneers in Sydney.

Regular preventive care can help reduce the risk of major dental work, which is why we recommend you visit us regularly for an examination. This helps us identify and treat minor problems before they become major ones.

We recommend visiting us every six months to have your teeth cleaned and checked, to ensure the very best oral health.